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A Day of Reckoning

And his father had not displeased him at any time saying, why hast though done so? And he was a very goodly man, and his mother bare him after Absalom.

I Kings 1:7.

There are many important lessons in the story of Adonijah, and they are interrelated. First of all, for all of David’s greatness, in my opinion, he could be slack as father. Here is yet another one of David’s sons trying to usurp the kingdom and the Bible says at no time did David address this with him. David didn’t handle this until he had to and by then, the damage was done. Adonijah didn’t take the kingdom from Solomon, but by the point that David intervened, he was so far down the wrong road that disaster was imminent. Don’t let problems fester, don’t ignore things until they grow too big to ignore. This is especially true of parents!

Solomon showed mercy on his half brother and said that he could live if he proved himself worthy. God had said Solomon would be king. When Adonijah decided he should be king, he wasn’t merely exhibiting greed or jealousy or sibling rivalry, he was going against what God had said. I don’t know how this situation would have played out if David had interceded earlier, but I do believe the timely intervention of a Godly and firm earthly father would have made a difference. We will never know for sure, but we do know that Adonijah didn’t humbly and gratefully sit back while Solomon became king. Instead, he tried to trick him. He asked for one of David’s concubines to wife, which would give him a claim to the kingdom. His request cost him his life.

Adonijah ignored the warning he was given earlier by the king.He continued on his willful way, I’m sure fully justified in his own mind, by trying to trick Solomon.We often justify our own actions and continue in our headstrong ways.But we will not trick or “pull a fast one” where God is concerned.And we will all have a day of reckoning.

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