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Don't Be Controlled by Fear

Christians, stop letting the enemy use fear to blind you. I’m not going to debate our political climate, Covid, or the vaccine. I just want to point out some things you should think about.

I have heard the Covid vaccine compared to vaccines for measles, polio, etc. It is not. It is not touted to eradicate Covid. I am not a medical person, I don’t know the medical jargon, but common sense tells me that the Covid vaccine is more of an equivalent to the flu shot than the measles vaccination. I don’t take the flu shot. I am still relatively young and healthy with no preexisting conditions. I have no reason to take the flu shot. I have no reason to take the Covid vaccine. No one has ever been in my face trying to force me to take a flu shot.

Besides having no reason to take the Covid vaccine, I am apprehensive about putting something so new into my body if it isn’t necessary. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t trust the science or the people behind this. Everything is confusing and contradictory. As Christians we know that the enemy is the author of confusion. FDA approval means nothing to me. I may be a conspiracy theorist, but if you think for one moment the FDA is concerned with anything but a dollar, your head is buried in the sand.

Am I telling you to not take the vaccine? Absolutely not! We all have to make decisions based on our own beliefs and needs. Here is what I am telling you, you may have taken the vaccine, you may believe in it, but that doesn’t mean I do. As an American, if you are okay with the pressure from our government for us to take this vaccine is okay, you missed the point of being an American. You are letting the fear and the hype put you in a bad place. First, we asked if you have the vaccine, why does it matter if I don’t? Then they explained the vaccine doesn’t keep you from getting it, only from getting a bad case. Still, why does it matter if I have the vaccine? Even if I do, I can still spread it to you. There is no logical reason that my vaccination status should affect you.

As Christian Americans, you should see the spiritual implications of this. No, this is not the mark of the beast. But this is conditioning. If you are okay with taking a shot you weren’t planning on taking just to keep your job, will you also do other things you don’t think are a good idea just to keep your job? Again, not saying the vaccine is evil or that you shouldn’t take it. I am saying that our government trying to take away our choice, the same government who by the way believes in pro-choice, is evil. It’s a slippery slope. Our President drew a line in the sand this week. Which side will you stand on? The one controlled by fear and illogical reasoning. Or the one, what ever your own vaccinations status, that will stand up for freedom? Let’s not become the next Australia…. Or worse.

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