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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Why Conservatives Fighting Election Fraud aren’t just “Sore Losers”

We are already losing major freedoms and will continue to lose more if we do not stand up now:

1. Ted Cruz has led Senate hearings on social media this week. Social media is supposed to be a platform not a publisher. A platform enables the sharing of information, a publisher distributes information. A platform is protected by section 230, it is not held liable for information shared. Yet Twitter and Facebook consistently “factcheck” and funny enough, they only seem to fact check conservatives. Not only that, but their “fact checking” is bizarre and extreme. As an example, my son posted this summer that children wearing masks were easier to be kidnapped. He never offered statistics to be disproved, suggested kidnapping children was an ulterior motive for wearing masks. He simply said it made it easier, which is only common sense. It was fact checked.

2. Many of us get our news from social media. So, when these platforms decide to limit speech, they are molding people to think the way they want them to think. There is much speculation that “fact checking” stories about Hunter Biden had a lot to do with the election. Isn’t that interference?

3. Biden’s transition team leader for media, Richard Stengel, believes hate speech should be a crime. Nobody likes what THEY consider hate speech, but limiting free speech is not constitutional. It's also a slippery slope. Who defines hate speech? What is hate speech to some may be truth to others. For example, there are two genders. Only two genders. That’s truth to me, but someone could consider it hate speech. It could go on to speaking out about anything.

4. Mainstream media is silencing truth. They keep saying the President’s claims of fraud are ridiculous. In spite of pages and pages of affidavits collected; lawsuits brought on by individuals; irregularities that are being brushed under the rug instead of investigated; the bullying of Trump lawyers and the republican certifiers in Wayne county. Why do we have to dig to find out information that should be readily available to the American public?

5. I saw the videos of people harassing and threatening the two republican certifiers in Michigan. THIS IS NOT OKAY. People marching for the President were recently attacked and harassed by BLM and Antifa. THIS IS NOT OKAY. We are allowed to have different views and to express them. That’s what makes us America. If this election was fraudulent, and the people in the position to do something about it do not because they give in to the bullying, we will never be free again.

6. Republicans are not racist hate mongers. Please look at what is going on around us. It is us who are being attacked. Again, I point you toward the videos of the hate directed to the certifiers in Michigan? Were they lying, committing fraud, overturning the election, or anything like that? No, they simply wanted the irregularities looked into. Something ANYONE with integrity should want. What they experienced was threatening and bullying and wrong.

The integrity of this election should be important to everyone. Our differences and our right to vote our beliefs is what makes America great. It also offers balance because no one is 100% right. But to keep that balance, and our freedom, we have to have honest elections. Why is it so offensive to liberals if the election is challenged? If no fraud is found, no problem. If it is found, do you really want you candidate in if it took fraud to get him there? No matter who you voted for, you should want an honest election because you want to be able to continue to vote, stand up for what you think is right without being threatened, and retain all your rights now and forever.

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