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Is It Too Late For America?

Is it too late Christians? An immigrant caravan is on their way to the US in the midst of a pandemic and forced economic crisis. Biden has already promised to help small business hurt by shutdowns on the basis of their sex and color. But hey, that’s how he chose his vice president. I guess it’s okay to be racist, depending on who you are racist against. Some on the left, AOC among them, have called for the resignation of congressman who questioned election integrity; some have lost jobs or been harassed, certain colleges even want to rescind diplomas from those who supported Trump. ( By the way, the division the country has experienced for the past 4 years hasn’t been caused by Trump, but by the Trump haters. I have never heard for a conservative call for reeducation camps for the children of liberals) The persecution of conservatives is not American, it’s scary, and I fear it will become worse. Some on the left, again AOC among them, have basically called for only state-run media. Isn’t the china owned mainstream bad enough, now you want to squash any thing out there telling the truth? And let’s not even get started on social media and big tech. I fear we will continue to lose rights and liberties and be coerced into thinking a certain way. There has been a bill introduced in Washington that children as young as eleven can get the vaccine without parental consent or knowledge. Does anyone know the status of that? Anyway, that’s just more chipping away at parental rights. The goal of the extreme left is to raise our children for us. At a time when our nation needed the church more than ever, many have shut down. I understand taking precautions during a pandemic and I understand some people have cause for more concern than others about the virus. Most churches are doing some sort of FB live service now. If you are high risk, by all means, stay home and watch the live service. Everyone understands that. But don’t dictate if everyone else should be in church or not based on your needs/thoughts. The church needs to be open as never before! In fact, we should probably be having extra prayer services. We are in the state we are in because America needs to repent. Christians, that’s on us. If we were the light and the salt we were supposed to be, I believe we’d be living in a different America right now. Instead, we are set to say goodbye to the most prolife President we’ve had in recent years and say hello to the most prochoice administration we’ve had yet. If you profess the name of Christ, but you let personal dislike of Donald Trump or the lies of the mainstream media, convince you to vote for the pro-abortion candidate, you are part of the problem. I say that without hesitation. I also would at least consider those saying unity and love might want to clarify their statements a bit. There is a Godly way to do things and a Godly time to do them. What will fighting against the ungodly radical agenda look like? I don’t know yet, but my prayer is the fight will be peaceful through prayer and legislature. I do know it will never be acceptance of loss of rights afforded us by our constitution. But it’s not too late. God is still on the throne. Let’s pray against the evils we fear for our country, both internal and external. Pray for revival, which starts in our own hearts. Pray for guidance as we navigate not accepting the things we should not accept but doing things in the time and manner led by God.

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