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Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept. John 11: 35

Jesus wept when he arrived at the tomb of Lazarus. He knew that in a matter of moments, he would be calling Lazarus out of the grave. How powerful that statement is. Dear sinner friend, He is calling you out of a grave too.

Knowing that Lazarus’ earthly death wasn’t permanent, knowing that eternal life with Him trumped a few more days here on earth anyway, knowing that he was purposely four days “late” to show His Father’s glory; still, He wept. He wept because He loved Lazarus. He wept because He loved Mary and Martha and He felt for their pain, although temporary. Every thing on this earth, rather a hundred years, a thousand years, or mere minutes, is temporary. Nothing compares to eternity. We will have pain on this earth because we live in a fallen world. But rest assured, our Savior loves us. He cares for our pain. And He has provided a permanent solution to our permanent pain if we would only accept it. If we accept that free gift of salvation, there will be a day when all our tears are wiped away and we will know no more pain. This is the greatest act of love He could show us; giving His life so that we can have this gift one day. He loved ALL of us enough to make this sacrifice, though, sadly, only a few will accept.

He didn’t just provide us eternal life thought. He cares what we are going through on this earth as well. He cared that Lazarus was dead, even though He knew He was about to call him back to life, because He cared about the pain that was being experienced at the apparently hopeless situation. He cares about your pain too, even though He knows your situation is not hopeless either. Jesus wept.

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