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Know Your Father's Voice

John 10:27

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

Within hours of my granddaughter’s birth, I noticed she would follow her father’s voice. When my son-in-law spoke, you could see the recognition on Arlee Gray’s face, and she would turn her head to try to find her him. That was precious to me. First of all, it convinced me she was a genius. But it also touched something deeply emotional in me. I knew she was already bonded to her mother, but because she had heard his voice all those months, she was also already bonded to her father. Of course, it opened Jordan up to a lot of good-natured teasing with the family about how everyone knows Jordan’s voice because his voice is loud. It is one of my favorite memories of her birth.

The spiritual implications did not hit me until later. We need to know our Father’s voice. We need to turn to it and follow it. No other voice in the room caught her attention but her Father’s. That is the way we need to live; paying heed to no other voicer but our Father’s. Sometimes that takes practice because there are so many voices we need to tune out, including our own. Respond immediately when He tells you something. If you are unsure what voice is speaking to you, does it give you peace? Does it line up with His Word? The more you intentionally seek to hear Him, the more you will hear Him.

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