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Let Him Rescue You

The Lord preserveth the simple: I was brough low, and he helped me.

Psalm 116: 6

I remember a story the pastor of a church I once attended shared. I’m sure I won’t remember all the details or tell the story with the same conviction because it’s not my story, but it is one that resonates with me still. He told of having to pass a swimming test as a child to attend camp. He explains that in the middle of the lake, he began to struggle. At first, he wasn’t worried because his father was standing on the bank watching him. He knew that his father would not let him drown. But as he continued to struggle, his father continued to stand there and watch. Finally, when he thought he must be going down for the last time, he felt his father’s arms lifting him up and saving him. Once he was safely on shore, he asked his father why it had taken him so long to jump in and rescue him. His father told him he had to wait until the fight was out of him or else, they would both drown.

Our heavenly father isn’t in danger of drowning, but He does have to wait until the “fight” is out of us to rescue us.We have our own answers to the problems of our lives, and until we get humble enough, we often refuse what is sent to be rescue us.How often I have struggled through a problem, stiff necked and refusing to handle it in any other way except the way I decided to handle it.In those cases, before I accept the much better way God has provided, I have to be humbled.I know this and yet I go through it again and again because stubbornness is so much part of my human nature.How much happier we’d be if we just let our Father rescue us instead of fighting Him for so long.

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