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Love Not the World

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of

the Father is not in him. 1 John 2:15

Our world is in a mess. Whatever your political allegiance or views on some of the things going on right now, our world is in a mess. If ever we needed Jesus, it is now!

How did we get in such a state? Those of us who call ourselves believers can look no further than ourselves. I hear Christians all the time making comments like this, but I see very few making changes.

If the changes don’t come, Jesus is. Jesus is coming regardless but if we don’t see revival soon, I believe it will be very soon. That’s fine, I’m ready. Some of you lukewarm, wishy-washy Christians may be okay with that thought too because you are ready for Heaven. But if you’ve been a lukewarm, wishy-washy Christian, who will you be taking with you? Probably not many.

We’ve compromised. We look like the world. We defend out immodest dress by saying if others have a problem with a little cleavage, well, then, that’s their problem. We defend homosexuality and other perverseness by saying people can be saved and gay. People can be saved and be an adulterer, a murder, a thief, but we don’t excuse those actions. Because we know that if a person is truly saved AND living in the will of God, they won’t be living those things. If times goes on and we continue to embrace every new translation of the Bible without heed, we will eventually see those things watered down as well.

We say we’re pro life in public, but in secret we vote otherwise and secretly take our daughters to clinics, because, well they are too young to have their lives ruined. We secretly drink or peruse pornography or go to physics and think it’s okay that we fill our minds and souls with such because no one knows.

And then we wonder why we struggle, why we’ve lost the joy of our salvation? Why our country, our world, is a disaster? Because we’ve left our first love and worship ourselves instead of God. We make these kinds of decisions because we want what we want and not what God wants. As we let more and more sin into our lives, we become more dissatisfied and look for more wrong things to fill that hole, and we have learned to justify every bit of. We are too stubborn to take God at His Word and understand that when He is first, peace and fulfillment will come and not in the ways that world would consider. We seem to seek the comforts of the world instead of the comfort of God, even though we should know better. And on those rare moments that we see that, we lack the humiliation it takes to truly repent of that. What is your pride and idolatry costing you?

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