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Pastors aren't perfect. No Christian is. We are all just sinners saved by grace. While I understand holding a preacher to a higher standard, he is, in the end, a sinner saved by grace just like you and me. I've never realized until recent years how much the preacher, and even his family, can be attacked by his very own chuch. Don't do that. I can't even imagine the spiritual warfare that a man truly called to preach must battle 24/7. The more called by God he is, the more the enemy will try to stop him.

The church isn't perfect. It's made up of imperfect people. Even the most committed, most dedicated Christian is still human with many faults. Many of the Christians in the church probably aren't the most committed or most dedicated. It's hard to be dedicated and committed to Christ when we are dedicated and committed to ourselves, our family, our jobs.... anything but Christ. So we have a church full of Christians who are very imperfect, some still looking more like the world than the redeemed. And then, we have people who don't really know Christ at all. I don't mean those lost souls in church seeking the truth. I mean those teaching sunday school, leading the choir, even preaching who have never met Christ. How do I know there are people who profess the name of Christ that don't know Him? How do I know that these people look outwardly like a Christian? The Bible tells me.

A lot of things I just wrote about hurt the church. Lost people proclaiming the name of Christ who have never met Him hurts. Imperfect Christians, especially those who look like the world, hurts. A pastor who has let us down hurts. Do you know what else hurts the church? Sharing these imperfect things. Make sure you are in a Church that preaches and teaches God's Word, which by the way, you have to read yourself to know. :) Make sure you are in the church God called you to be in. Then get about the Father's business!

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