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Stop Making Things More Complicated

Matthew 12:30

He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth

not with me scattereth abroad.

We complicate things because we want to justify our own actions; or we want to justify the choices we want to make. My aunt once told me that when she went to her dad, my grandfather, for advice, he would listen to her dilemma. When she shared her soul, he would simply tell her, “You know the right thing to do.” And she did. We all do. Even the lost know the difference between right and wrong. How much more so do the saved?

I realize that sometimes things are not as black and white as we’d like, or at least they are not as black and white as they should be because we’ve let in too much confusion.In those cases, go back to this verse.Anything, ANYTHING, no matter how good or seemingly beneficial, that does not serve God’s purpose, is the wrong thing.Again, sometimes that may not seem so obvious because neither choice is bad or ungodly.But His purpose is winning souls and edifying believers.What will be the best witness?Have the most positive impact on the lost?The saved?You know the right thing to do.

Angela Cox

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