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Unclean Spirits

For He said unto him, come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.

Mark 5:8

Can Christians be possessed? I don’t believe the Bible supports that. In the last plague in Egypt, the first born in the homes where the blood was applied were safe. I don’t believe the enemy can cross the bloodline. But that doesn’t mean the enemy can’t plague us or we can’t be influenced by evil spirits. The New Testament tells us to resist the devil. We wouldn’t need to be reminded to resist him if he wasn’t going to be bothering us.

The Bible definitely gives evidence of the unsaved being possessed. Jesus cast out demons. Matthew 17 tells us even children could be affected. Oh parents, please beware what you allow into your home! Have you heard of some normal, nice person suddenly snapping or committing some heinous crime? Every situation is different, and I cannot speak to each one, but I’ve believed that at least some of those cases involved possession. I don’t want to give the enemy too much credit, but we have to be prepared for the battle we are fighting!

Not only are so many Christians seemingly unaware, but they seem to be so “new age” that they are opening doors to demonic spirits into all avenues of their lives. The Bible warns against witchcraft, and communicating with the dead, and nothing supports ghosts as in the spirits of the dead walking around. You house is not haunted, its demon possessed. That medium isn’t communicating with grandma, she’s invited an evil and deceiving spirit into your living room. And that fortune teller isn’t consulting the starts to tell you your future. She’s either a complete fake, or she’s consulting with the powers of hell. There is no choice. Any power that is not from above is from below, and if the Bible says, NO! God is not aiding these people.

Mark 5 is a good chapter to understand more about unclean spirits. The demon possessed man was dwelling the tombs, couldn’t be chained, and cutting himself. How do you know you might be dealing with unclean spirits? Are you living among the dead? Are you out of control? Are you involved in behavior that is hurting you?

How do you know you may be at risk to invite this kind of activity in your life? Jesus said they were unclean spirits. Anything that is unclean, drugs, sex outside of the bonds of marriage, ANYTHING that is not of God; OR anything that can influence how our mind sees these things such as books, music, movies, and friends. Definitely dabbling anything occultic is unclean. Stop justifying your sins. You are dangerous game.

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