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Was it Real?

John 6:44

No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day

Anyone who has been raised in church knows the Roman Road to Salvation. And it really is that simple to give your heart to Christ. My daughter accepted Him as her Savior at five. I knew God had been fingering her heart and we talked about what would happen when Jesus “knocked” on her heart. Driving down the road one day, listening to praise music, her precious voice piped up from the back seat and said, “it’s happening”. I, of course, wanted to know what was happening and she told me that Jesus was knocking on her heart. I pulled off the road to pray with her and by the time I did, she had already accepted Christ!

My family use to have a Christian drama and playing “drama” was one of the favorite games of my children. One day they were playing, using our big Family Bible as the Book of Life. All of sudden, Sam, five, turned to me and said, “I need my name in that book for real”. As they entered their young adult years, Sam and Alex, my daughter, both drifted from their faith. Alex’s “drift” was short lived. Sam kept drifting further and further. He was completely out of church. He visited church at a very difficult time in his life and went to the altar to rededicate, but that rededication only lasted a few weeks. But praise God, a few years later, Sam really met Christ! Sam knew as a child he needed to be saved because he’d been taught that and he had an earthly understanding that he would go to hell without salvation. Years later, while he was struggling, he knew God was the answer, but because he had never really accepted salvation and, again, was working in his own might, his “rededication” was just an empty prayer. But God really called him and he really reacted to that call, he was born again! Yet, at the same age, his sister truly met Christ in the matter of moments in the back seat.

So what’s my point? Accepting Christ is very simple. It involves answering God’s call, that “knock” on your heart with complete and total trust and faith. Yet, many people think they are okay but are not.

How does that happen? For me, it happened because I was in a service where my friends were getting saved and I was caught up in emotion. For my sister, it happened because the people who were praying with her that night at the altar told her she was saved after they led her through a prayer and she, trusting them instead of Him, left without making a real connection. For Sam, I think it was making a decision in his own might because he understood what would happen if he didn’t make accept Christ. I have a real concern for people who think they are okay and are not.

If Jesus is calling you, its so simple. Ask Him to forgive you and save you. How you say the words isn’t important , only that you mean it. If you have really met Him, you will come away different! But if you’ve made a profession, and you are still the same, something is missing, or deep down you know something isn’t right, stop fooling yourself before it’s too late. I pray all who read this will make Heaven their home.

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