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Why I Vote Pro Life

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Why I Will Always Vote For The Most Pro-Life Candidate

I am a believer. As a Christian, I believe every Word of the Bible is true, and while I know that I, you, nor anybody else will always live up to every word, it is our responsibility to not compromise His Word for our personal thoughts and desires, as I see so many doing today.

Some use the controversy of when life starts to support early abortions. In Jeremiah, God said he knew us before we were ever born. John the Baptist recognized Jesus and leapt in his mother’s womb before EITHER of them were born. That settles when life begins for me. It begins at conception; and if there is life, taking that life is murder.

I am pro life and I take that belief in with me to the voting chamber because the Bible tells us we suffer when evil is our ruler. I understand that many people call our current president evil. The Bible tells us in Proverbs that God hates…. HATES… the shedding of innocent blood. There is no blood more innocent than that of the unborn. I am troubled by those, especially those that confess some kind of Christianity, who can call a man evil because of their personal likes/dislikes when they are the supporters of this thing that God hates.

You may not have any belief in God or the Bible and therefore, my argument of life beginning at conception may not convince you. I recently read about Abby Johnson changing her mind on abortion when she witnessed one and saw the baby try to escape the vacuum. She realized she was not watching cells being extracted, but a living baby, trying to escape death. Hers is not the only story. There are many.

It is a slippery slope. As a Christian who believes that life begins at conception, I believe that ANY abortion is murder. I would NEVER accept it or vote for it, but if it were ONLY used in the case of rape, it would rarely be used. In the 90’s, partial birth abortion became legal. I had never been a political person prior to that. I never supported any abortion, but I also never voted or paid much attention to politics. Partial birth abortion changed that. Reading the graphic nature of a partial birth abortion during the time of my life when I was having children made me heartsick. I did much research at that time for medical reasons for a late term abortion and found very little in support of it. But this I know; I would risk my life for any of my children BEFORE or after their births. There is nothing my doctor could have told me late in my pregnancy that would have made me okay in terminating it.

I tried to do some quick research as I was writing this but did not find a lot. Its true late term abortions are rarer, but it seems a lot of times they are chosen, not because the mother’s life is at risk, but because a genetic disorder has been discovered. You get to decide someone does not have the right to life because of a genetic disorder? This is slippery slope number one.

Many years ago, when I would talk with someone prochoice, the discussion mostly centered on when life began. Most people were not big believers in the killing of an unborn child or a woman’s right to chose. They just wrongly believed life did not begin at conception and therefore, supported early termination under certain circumstances. Society accepted that and we kept letting the boundaries get pushed further and further. Now there are states that will allow the death of an abortion survivor. Do you think it will stop here if left unchecked? Abortion went from “only in the first trimester for health/rape/incest” to “up until birth for any reason”. Slippery slope number two.

It takes away personal responsibility. And it is based on lies. There are people who should not be parents. I have seen a lot of prochoice arguments about the kids born into this kind of environment. Sadly, some children will be neglected or raised in foster care. They should not live? Aren’t we making another one of those slippery slope decisions like with genetic issues?

I understand that there is rape. I understand that nothing is 100% effective but abstinence. I understand that many people will not follow God’s perfect plan that sex should not be outside of the bonds of marriage. But being responsible with birth control, waiting at least until you are ready to take on the responsibility if birth control does not work, being with someone you have a genuine relationship with, those are your choices. There are consequences for your actions. And if you choose to be irresponsible, you should not get to choose murder to make it all go away so you can continue your life as usual. One of the biggest things I see in society today… besides the general Godlessness…. is the absolute lack of any personal responsibility. This is just another example. It is NOT responsible to have an abortion because you are not ready to be a parent. What is responsible is to not put yourself in that position until you are ready to be a parent.

It is not your body. It is your body that carries the child and goes through childbirth. But it is not your body that you kill. You will leave the abortion clinic still alive.

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